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"I started Pilates 2 years ago after suffering from back pain and liked Shelley's friendly and encouraging approach.  Two years later I am now feeling the full benefits of the excellent next step classes where my core strength has improved substantially.  I now feel a completely new person with good even strength throughout my body and good posture.  I always feel calm and relaxed from the classes and only wish I had discovered Pilates years ago."

Rose Hawkins


"I have suffered intermittently with back pain for much of my adult life and have found only limited relief from a variety of exercises, techniques and professional help. Following a two and a half year period of constant, acute lower back problems, I was finally persuaded to try Pilates. As an otherwise very fit person and martial arts practitioner, I was sceptical that another form of exercise could help. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that relief came quickly and that my back was pretty much normal (for me) within weeks. I have now returned to martial arts and am making up for lost time. Pilates really does seem to have reached the parts which other things couldn’t reach".

Pete Barrett (Taekwondo Black Belt Coach)


"I am now in my second term, and I can honestly say that Pilates has not only helped my riding, but has made me feel much more positive about myself, and has even elicited comments of how well I look from other people!  Now I understand why Shelley calls it "Positive Pilates"!  I have only two regrets - firstly that Shelley does not continue classes through the school holidays (it's going to seem a long summer!), and secondly, that I didn't discover Shelley's classes years ago"!  

Chris Day


"I started attending Shelley's Pilates classes when recovering from a slipped disc 4 years ago and continued because, along with practically ridding me of lower back pain, Pilates has strengthened my whole body, keeps my stomach flat and calms my mind and help me focus. All this for relatively little time, effort and cost outlay.

The fact that so many women have been attending Shelley's Apperley class is testimony to her friendly, professional approach to teaching Pilates. Thanks Shelley, we have all benefitted".



"I've been going to Shelley's Pilates classes since she started them at Apperley and I've certainly noticed a difference when I am unable to attend. What I like most about these to any other classes I've attended is the friendly atmosphere and the non-critical approach. It most definately recommend it to anyone".

Deb Coleman