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A great opportunity to take part in a matwork-based Pilates class. This class is suitable for anyone who has never experienced the powers of Pure Pilates.  The movements are designed to focus on the body for mobility, strength and lengthening.

 "Concentrate on movement quality and body awareness"


The beginner courses focus on the practical application of learning Pilates Techniques progressively.


In the 8 week course you will progressively learn 6 core movements which will help the body strengthen, lenghten and balance the muscles of the lower back and core without placing undue stress to ensure injury prevention and aid in rehabilitation. during this time you will receive infomative worksheets explaining the movements in depth so that you can practice at home, as it has been recognised that practicing at least 2 times per week on the correct fundamentals will decrease your rehabilitation, and increase your strength rapidly, as opposed to not practicing at all.


You will also learn how to breathe correctly, a fundamental that ensures correct connection of mind and body is continual. This connection aids in the fact that Pilates is good for people with bad circulation, asthma, and stress related issues.


After the initial 8 weeks, you will a feel difference in the way you carry out daily tasks, your improved posture, your development of the core muscles and more flexibility. If you have a bad back, you will also feel a release of the tightness around this area as your body starts to get used to the correct form of alignment and balance.


Beginners are then offered the chance to develop these skills for a further 4 weeks in preparation for the NEXT STEP Course


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